5th World Centenarian Initiative
International Symposium on Stroke
―Innovation for longer healthy life―



■イベント名称5th World Centenarian Initiative
International Symposium on Stroke
-Innovation for longer healthy life-
■会場住所〒102-0093 東京都千代田区 平河町2丁目7−9
・東京メトロ有楽町線、半蔵門線、南北線 「永田町駅」4番出口 徒歩2分
■代表者氏名松本 昌泰(JCHO 星ヶ丘医療センター 院長)



(公財) 先端医療振興財団 臨床研究情報センター オンライン参加登録事務局


2016.10.13 Update

Opening remarks
Masayasu Matsumoto (Hoshigaoka Medical Center)
Keynote address
Current status of the recurrence of non-cardiogenic strokes and the future prevention of stroke in Japan
Norihiro Suzuki (Keio University)
Special address
State of Stroke in Japan
Koji Miura (Former Director General, Health and Welfare Bureau for the Elderly, MHLW)
Session I  Risk factors and biomarkers for the prevention of stroke
[Chair :Hiroyasu Iso (Osaka University)]
Risk factors and biomarkers for stroke prevention
Kazuo Kitagawa (Tokyo Women's Medical University)
Stroke risk factors and prevention
Masahiro Kamouchi (Kyushu University)
Stroke registry in outcome & translational research
Jiann-Shing Jeng (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Transient ischemics attacks (TIA) revisited: Clinical significance and management
Yong-Seok Lee (Seoul National University, Korea)
Session II  Advances in cerebrovascular biology and neuroimaging of stroke
[Chair :Hidekazu Tomimoto (Mie University)]
Translational stroke research: A personal perspective
Marc Fisher (Harvard Medical School, USA)
Advances and future aspects of endovascular treatment of stroke
Hiroshi Yamagami (National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center)
Intracerebral hemorrhage and deep microbleeds associated with cnm-positive Streptococcus mutans; a clue to developing a new preventive strategy
Masafumi Ihara (National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center)
Session III   Acute treatment
[Chair :Kazuo Kitagawa (Tokyo Women's Medical University)]
Acute treatment in stroke
Kazumi Kimura (Nippon Medical School)
Magnetic resonance in acute stroke
Hironaka Igarashi (University of Niigata)
Neuroprotection of neuroserpin in cerebrovascular diseases -from bench to bed
Liang Wang (Fudan University, Shanghai China)
Session IV   Neuro-recovery and rehabilitation
[Chair :Ichiro Miyai (Morinomiya Hospital)]
Intravenous transplantation of autologous mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow into stroke patients
Osamu Honmou (Sapporo Medical University)
Intra-arterial stem cell therapy for acute ischemic stroke
Soma Banerjee (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London UK)
Cybernic neurorehabilitation using Hybrid Assistive Limb(HAL) for the patients with neuromuscular and cerebrovascular diseases
Takashi Nakajima (Niigata National Hospital)
Restoration of post-stroke upper limb paralysis with BMI neurorehabilitation
Meigen Liu (Keio University)
Closing remarks
Yoji Nagai (Kobe University)
Masanori Fukushima (Translational Research Informatics Center)