Under the supports from the Japanese Government, TRI center is the first academic institution, committed to promote translational researches and clinical trials in Japan.
In Japan, enormous amount of human and monetary resources has been invested to the promotion of basic medical science, whereas much less effort was devoted to the translational and clinical science. Consequently, introduction of new therapeutic technologies is greatly hampered, with a paucity of medical innovations derived from our country. To put back the fruit of scientific achievements to patients, we are urged to construct a national infrastructure for translational and clinical researches.
Under such conditions, Translational Research Informatics (TRI) center was founded in 2002, given supports from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The center is committed to the innovation of medical technologies, by facilitating the transfer of basic medical research findings to clinical practice.
a/ Therapeutic Outcomes by Hospitals, Guidelines, Ongoing Clinical Trials
b/ Acceleration of Protocol & CRF Development and Patients Accrual
. Promotion and Management of Translational Researches (TR)
. Management and Operation of Clinical Trials and Large Cohort Studies
. Dissemination of Therapeutic and Clinical Research Information
. Construction of Integrated Database System for Genomic and Clinical Data
. Development of New Statistical Approaches for Disease-related Genomic Information
TRI Project Management / Promotion System
. TR Document Management System
. Protocol Development Supporting System
. Clinical Data Management System
. Online Registration and Follow-up System
. Patient Visit Notification System
. Data Inquiry Mail Delivering System
. Severe Adverse Event(SAE)Reporting System
. Sample Administration and Management System
Cancer Information Services

Cancer Information Japan
.PDQR(NCI Cancer Information) in Japanese
.Global, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art knowledge

NCI Liaison Office
.Acknowledged as NCI liaison office

TRI is the first NCI liaison office in Asia.
We review protocols of clinical trials, and register them to PDQR database, orresponding to European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), in Belgium.

Cancer Information Japan

Cancer Information Japan

Cancer TR Project


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